St. Symeon Orthodox Church
Diocese of the South, Orthodox Church in America
3101 Clairmont Avenue S, Birmingham, AL, 35205
/ Our Community / Past and Present Clergy of St. Symeon
Timeline of Serving Clergy

1976-78     Served periodically by Fr. George Gladky (Christ the Savior Cathedral, Miami, FL); Fr. Benedict Tallant (St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Church, Brookside, AL); Fr. Macarius Targonsky (Alaska); and Fr. John Townsend (St. Mary of Egypt Orthodox Church, Atlanta, GA)

1978-81     Fr. David Wessel assigned to St. Symeon, serving his first Liturgy on Sunday, February 12, 1978. Fr. Wessel would serve the Mission's first baptism (March 12, 1978) and wedding (July 30, 1978)

1981-84     Fr. Dennis Brickle assigned to St. Symeon

1984            Holy Week and Pascha served by His Grace, Bishop MARK (Forsberg)

Summer 1984 Served by Fr. Phillip Reese as he awaited assignment to a parish in his native Florida

1984-90     Fr. Alexander Fecanin ordained deacon at St. Symeon by His Grace, Bishop DMITRI (Royster), on September 23, 1984, then ordained priest at St. Vladimir's Seminary by His Beatitude, Metropolitan THEODOSIUS (Lazor), on October 6, 1984, and assigned to St. Symeon.

1990-92     Fr. George Mavromatis assigned to St. Symeon

1992            Holy Week and Pascha served by Hieromonk Nazario (Ipac-Uribe)

1992-Present Fr. Alexander Fecanin returned to St. Symeon, where he has been the Rector ever since

Other clergy who have served at St. Symeon as attached or assistant clergy:

Deacon (later Fr.) Demetrius Edwards

Protodeacon Ephraim Rivers

Fr. Benedict Crawford

Fr. Ignatius Crockett

Fr. Seraphim Joa

Fr. Phillip Ritchey

Deacon Rupert Cole

Clergy "Sons" of St. Symeon

Below are men who were baptized/chrismated at St. Symeon or who otherwise called St. Symeon home for a significant period of time, who were subsequently ordained to the diaconate or priesthood.

Hieromonk Seraphim (Molibog)

V. Rev. Benedict Crawford

+V. Rev. Demetrius Edwards (reposed 2016)

V. Rev. Basil Henry

Rev. Patrick Cowles

+Rev. Ignatius Crockett (reposed 2017)

Rev. Phillip Ritchey

Schemahierodeacon Philaret (Wells)

Protodeacon Ephraim Rivers

Deacon Rupert Cole